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Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga / English, Deutsch


Hi, my name is Emily and I come from a small town in the United States called Murray, Kentucky. 

I grew up in Germany and the USA and lived in Kentucky, California, Texas, Tennessee and Georgia as well as Munich, Heidelberg, Würzburg, Landstuhl and Augsburg. 


My roots are within, i love to meet people of all ages, cultures and beliefs. It’s a beautiful gift to experience the loving presence of all that is living. I love the outdoors, my cats Muffin and Harry, and of course my husband and our 5 children. He has three adult daughters and i have a grown son and daughter.


I used to do triathlon and spent lots of time running, biking and swimming. 

Then I discovered yoga as an alternative training to triathlon and soon, I started practicing more yoga and spending less time with triathlon training.

Yoga is everything for me, it helps me deal with anxiety, conflicts, depression, worrying, guilt, … it’s my pathway toward self acceptance, love, trust and ultimately towards inner peace. Nothing to achieve, just be.


I like to share the value of self acceptance, trust in life’s circumstances, creating inner peace and the discovery of the abundance within.


Yoga for me is home. I never had one ‘home’, that’s why home to me is that peaceful place deep inside the soul where I can listen to the voice within, accept and live my truth. 


I like to practice vinyasa with an athletic, powerful touch to open a space for developing courage, strength and self- love and acceptance. The focus of the practice is to discover and learn more about yourself and all of your unique possibilities. Laughter and creativity are included and welcomed! Sometimes we will incorporate a guided yoga nidra meditation at the end of practice or a traditional and well deserved savasana. 


Ultimate yoga tip: 

trust, love, compassion and forgiveness 


My biggest source of inspiration is the unique glory and ability to be aware of all that is living and the ongoing cycle of life .

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